About DMPonline

Scholarly researchers today are increasingly required to engage in a range of data management activities to comply with organisational policies, or as a precondition for publication or grant funding. To aid researchers in creating effective Data Management Plans (DMPs), we have worked closely with funders and universities to develop an online application: DMPRoadmap. The tool provides detailed guidance and links to general and organisational resources and walks a researcher through the process of generating a comprehensive plan tailored to specific DMP requirements.

DMP Background

The Digital Curation Centre and UC3 team at the California Digital Library have developed and delivered tools for data management planning since the advent of open data policies in 2011. DMPonline (DCC-UK) and DMPTool (CDL-US) are now established in our national contexts as the resource for researchers seeking guidance in creating DMPs. We have worked together from the outset to share experiences, but with the explosion of interest in both of our tools across the globe we formalized our partnership to co-develop and maintain a single open-source platform for DMPs. By working together we can extend our reach, keep costs down, and move best practices forward, allowing us to participate in a truly global open science ecosystem.

The new platform will be separate from the services each of our teams runs on top of it. Our shared goal: provide a combined DMPRoadmap platform as a core infrastructure for DMPs. Future enhancements will focus on making DMPs machine actionable so please continue sharing your use cases.

We invite you to peruse the DMPRoadmap GitHub wiki to learn how to get involved (new window)Opens in new window in the project. You can also report bugs and request new features via GitHub IssuesOpens in new window

Getting Started

If you have an account please sign in and start creating or editing your DMP.

If you do not have a DMPonline account, click on Sign up on the homepage.

Please visit the Help page for guidance.

Customising for your Organisation

Organisations can customise the tool to highlight local requirements, resources, and services. Organisational templates can be added to address local DMP requirements, and additional sections and questions can be included in funder templates. Users from participating organisations that configure the tool for single sign-on can log in with their own organisational accounts.